Twitter DESTROYS PolitiFact for saying That it’s ‘false’ that The White House is redefining recession: ‘Brazen hackery’

FOX NEWS: Conservatives on Twitter ripped PolitiFact apart after it published a fact-check denying a claim made in a social media post that the White House has “changed the definition of recession” in order to protect Joe Biden.

The fact check came a day before the news broke that the U.S. economy has entered its second consecutive quarter of negative GDP, a traditionally tell-tale indicator of an economy entering into a recession.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Tex., communications special advisor Steve Guest HAMMERED the fact-check, tweeting, “The hacks over at Politifact are a shameless cog in the Democrat disinformation machine. This is completely brazen hackery on display. And it is why the so-called fact checking industry has zero credibility.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton pushed back against the fact-check, writing, “@Politifact is corruptly lying about Biden WH change to the definition of ‘recession.’ And now this lie, to protect Joe Biden, will be used to censor countless users on @Facebook and other social media platforms.”


USE CODE:==> THANKS45 <== SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT YOU’s Twitter account tweeted “PolitiFact and Facebook team up to help Biden WH gaslight Americans on the definition of ‘recession,’” as well as linking to their article detailing the situation.