Yes, Twitter Can Make both sides happy, ‘while upsetting the far right and the far left equally’

Following Elon Musk’s purchase of twitter many celebrated free speech, but what most are truly missing is that Musk’s new plan for twitter is leveling playing field.

Critics of Elon’s decision to keep on Head of Safety & Integrity at Twitter Yoel Roth intensified after a series of old tweets emerged from 2017, with one in particular standing out.


What most critics are not realizing is they are criticizing the very free speech they insisted upon, while taking lightly the rapid balance coming to company.

With Elon’s lightning pace, the next step would be a fair and balanced Safety & Integrity decision making board consisting of representatives of both political sides and a clear set of transparent platform guidelines.

An even number, 6 at max and any decision based on the clear set of transparent platform guidelines, [which lets be real, can be 2 pages at most] – must be a unanimous vote.

Black and white guidelines and clear simple vote on policy with no room for opinion.

As for minor and dubious infractions, warnings should be implemented either prior to a suspension or given after the infraction.