NIGEL FARAGE: If Trump is arrested he will be a ‘hero’ and ‘guarantee’ his presidential win

Former Brexit Leader and GB News Host Nigel Farage says he “hopes” Donald Trump is arrested as it will “wake middle America up” and make the former US president a “hero”.

“Now whether the prosecutor is going to do this or not I just don’t know,” Mr. Farage told Sky News host Paul Murray. “But let’s assume they do – we’re talking about a 2016 presidential campaign in which over $1.5 billion was spent on campaigning.

The allegation is the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels should have been declared as a campaign declaration.

“Even if that’s true that would count as a very minor misdemeanor … in declarations and not a felony.

“Therefore, it would be a complete and utter abuse of power from the New York court to do this.

“So I’ve kind of reached the conclusion that I hope he is arrested because it will wake middle America up to just how totally corrupt everything in the deep state and in particular their own judiciary has become and it will make Trump a hero and guarantee he wins in November next year.”