Is Clover Health Investments Corp The Next Rocket Ship? [CLOV]

Clover Health Stock is getting a lot of attention on the internet these days as stocks like AMC GME continue to fuel a meme ape army of retail traders to HODL with Diamond Hands.

UPDATE: As of 8:01 eastern standard time, [CLOV] or Clover Health Investments Corp experienced a 43.44 % gain from the early morning bell and is currently trading at 12.91per share.

UPDATE: [CLOV] just surpassed AMC and GME as the most popular stock on WALLSTREETBETS.

The user lightning research, noted that [CLOV] is now the number 1 talked about stock on WallStreetBets..

It seems worth noting that [CLOV] stock is shorted at higher percentages than GME and AMC, providing the opportunity for a major short squeeze.

We take a quick look at CLOV today as it is up 22% and has potential to break a key resistance area at $12 for a Rocket Ship type move to the moon.